I Recently answered questions on the League of Women Voters website. I’ve reposted them here:

What is your record of public service?

This is my first run at elected office, however, I have always been committed to giving back to the community where I live and work. Presently, I am an elected board member of the Dawson’s Ridge Home Owner’s Association in Camas, WA. I have served on several non-profit boards including SOLVE, The Center for Women’s Leadership, and OMSI.

How has your experience prepared you for this position?

I have more than 30 years of leadership experience working for Oregon’s largest electric utility. I look forward to reentering the energy sector as a Clark Public Utilities Commissioner and putting customers first on my agenda.

What do you consider the top three priorities for your PUD district?

First, I will work to ensure that the utility continues to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity and water services to its customers. I support the investment in new technologies, such as Automated Metering Infrastructure (Smart Meters) to enable energy saving programs for customers. I also support a cleaner energy future for Clark Public Utilities.

How would you handle them?

I support public safety campaigns to make customers aware about the hazards of electricity. There needs to be continued and prudent oversight of expenditures to ensure affordability of electricity. And future resource planning is needed to anticipate reliable sources of energy from BPA, contracts and customers. Mitigation of carbon emissions by supporting electric vehicle infrastructure for charging stations. And switching out combustion engine trucks and vehicles for EVs in the company pool. Support customer incentives for solar rooftops when feasible.

How will you encourage your customers to conserve the resources for which your district is responsible?

It is imperative that Clark Utilities continues to offer customer programs that support energy efficiency and new technologies that reduce carbon emissions such as solar rooftops and EV charging station infrastructure. Customer communications and education are important tools to ensure the message gets out about energy efficiency and conservation measures.

What part should your district play in your area’s environmental health?

Clark Public Utilities is an important leader in the community. And though on the global scale we are not that large, I believe every person can make a difference in mitigating the effects of carbon emission on climate change. Climate change and its damaging effects on the planet are real. We can all do our part to reduce carbon emissions and use energy efficiently. Clark can continue to be a great role model for environmental stewardship!