I am committed to provide safe, reliable, affordable and clean electricity.


Clean & Green

I support a clean and green energy future. This means investing in low carbon-emission technologies for energy production. Wind turbines and solar roofs are examples of this.  The state of Washington offers incentives for customers to solarize their homes.


Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a great way to reduce CO2. Transportation is the number one cause of carbon dioxide emissions in the State of Washington.  Clark Public Utilities has invested in infrastructure to support EVs but there is a lot more to do to prepare for increased use of EVs.


New Technologies

Investment in new technologies is critical to a clean energy future. Clark Public Utilities is going to be deploying new Advanced Metering Infrastructure more commonly known as smart meters. This will enable two-way communications between the utility and the customer. As Commissioner I will encourage the utility to offer customers with the smart meters, a variety of load reduction and energy saving programs to help reduce customer demand and ultimately lower electric bills.



Partnerships are essential to achieving a clean energy future. Clark Public Utilities is a great community steward.  But there is more to do!

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